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Every independent school has a website.  What's the point of The Schoolist?

School websites have to serve a number of functions.  They're a shop window as well as a resource for parents and pupils.  It's not always easy to find the information you need and, especially if you're considering two or three schools, navigating websites can be time consuming.

In addition, not all schools give you the information you need in a clear, easy to use format.  They can bury embarrassing exam results, promote stories that they want you to hear and make claims that aren't always as impressive as they sound.  Last, but not least, they don't necessarily want you to be able to compare their information with other schools.

Thanks, but I can get all the information I need from my friends.

Yes you can, and let's be honest, parents at independent schools talk about little else when they get to Year 6! But unless the information is coming from someone with experience, take it with a pinch of salt.  The same rumours do the rounds each year and it's easy to discount schools based on what you've heard.  But you could be missing out on the perfect school for your child without even requesting a prospectus.

Why is The Schoolist free?

The Schoolist was started as a way of simplifying the admissions process for busy parents.  We firmly believe that if you're paying the equivalent of the price of a small car each year, you should be able to know exactly what you're buying.  For that reason, it's important to be independent, so The Schoolist isn't allied to any of the local schools.  By asking parents to recommend our website, to spread the word and to subscribe, we hope to gain enough momentum to eventually support the sites with ads, keeping the content 100% free to access.

I can find news and information about these schools in local media & they're impartial, aren't they?

Not always.  Schools and local news outlets can have a symbiotic relationship wherein schools feed content to local media and also buy adverts.  As a general rule of thumb, if you find a complementary article about a school and a paid ad in the same publication, alarm bells should ring.  Advertorials can be both written by and paid for by schools, so even though they look impartial, they can be anything but.

Recently an advert from The Schoolist was rejected by a local news website due to a perceived conflict with a regular advertiser - a local school.  Supporting local journalism is one thing but suppressing factual information from being public should worry any prospective parent.

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